Avoid a counter offer like the plague.

What type of company do you work for if you must threaten to resign before they give you what you are worth? Where is the money from the counter offer coming from? The rise that you are getting now might be the extra money that you were going to get in six months. Most companies Read more…


Hi Suzy and thank you again!  I cannot thank you enough for finding me my new job.  Have a lovely evening.  You’re an absolute star!  Regards, Maria!    

Donald Trump is working overtime!

Mr Trump has said he was surprised at how big a job the presidency is. The leader of the free world told Fox News interviewer Bill O’Reilly he works “long hours” and often gets only about four or five hours’ sleep a night. Mr Trump said that at the start of his presidency he has Read more…

1st NEW FAN for February 2017!

I can’t thank Suzy enough! She put me forward for a job role, PLUS she helped and guided me the whole way through the interview process. Would recommend to anyone looking for a job!  Call Suzy on 020 7580 0088 or email suzy@redrecruiter.com Thanks Hannah and good luck from Red Recruiter!

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